Free Bandwidth Usage Monitoring

Recently, my senior partner decided to buy MTN Fastlink (A product of MTN Nigeria for Internet Access using a 3G Modem). He loaded the 1 day data plan with a volume limit of 150 MB. In less than an hour of browsing (checking e-mail, no downloads), his plan expired. He tried again with another 1 day, and in less than 2 hours later his plan finished.

He called my attention to it and I was quite surprised but guessed the updates on his Windows 7 laptop, which was new, may have caused it. This led me to look for a truly free bandwidth monitor application compatible with Windows 7. The last one I used on my Vista machine gave several definitely false figures.

Googling later got me several options, some not compatible with Windows 7. I downloaded some few one like Netmet (Not Win 7 compatible) and Networx.

I installed Networx and gave it a trial, and I was impressed. Contrary to what I read at a forum online, where a user was complaiing that networx consumed 20k of RAM, mine only had about 9k. The controls were quite fluid and if you are looking for a Windows 7 compatible bandwidth monitor just head over to

I have been using Networx now for more than 2 months, on Windows Vista and have found it quite useful. And best of all, it's free.

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